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  1. Gabriel na Formula Regional Europeia
  2. Mais um brasileiro! A equipe italiana DR Formula entra no campeonato de Formula Regional European by Alpine em grande estilo. A equipe de Danilo Rossi, protagonista da série Regional nos últimos dois anos, vai disputar a nova categoria com carros Tatuus e motores Alpine, contando com três monopostos. Com a DR Formula permanece Emidio Pesce, que se juntou à equipe no ano passado e com quem terminou a temporada Regional na nona colocação. O piloto romano, de 18 anos, torna-se o quarto piloto italiano na Regional Europeia pela Alpine e terá a companhia de Brad Benavides. De nacionalidade Guatamaltec, mas residente em Miami. Benavides, de 19 anos, já havia sido visto em ação em algumas corridas da Eurocup Renault 2019. Por fim, Bortoleto, brasileiro com grandes esperanças, 16, chegou da F4 Itália onde em 2020 com a equipe Prema conquistou o quinto lugar na campeonato com ativos de vitória.
  3. A Kic Motorsport confirmou Patrik Pasma também para a temporada de 2021 da Formula Regional by Alpine. O piloto finlandês terminou em quarto lugar no campeonato no ano passado, apoiado por quatro vitórias igualmente divididas entre Monza e Imola, dando também à equipe de Petri Lappalainen a primeira vitória na série. Pasma estará no terceiro ano da F3, tendo participado da Fórmula Renault Eurocup em 2019 com a equipe Arden, terminando em décimo lugar com um pódio. Ele também está competindo hoje no F3 Asia (uma vitória), que sempre é disputado com o Tatuus T-318 do qual ele é agora um dos mais experientes conhecedores. (ia postar antes...mas)
  4. Not long before he passed away, Adrian Campos made a decision that he will sadly never get to see the results of. Gianluca Petecof’s career was at a sticking point, until Campos took a brave punt on him for 2021 At the end of the 2020 Formula Regional European Championship season, there was mixed emotions in the Vallelunga pitlane where Prema’s cars were parked. While Arthur Leclerc and Oliver Rasmussen were mulling over the 16-point gap with which they had ended the year behind team-mate Gianluca Petecof, Petecof himself was mulling over whether he would be racing in 2021. The Brazilian had left the opening round as points leader, but just a week later his campaign was already on shaky ground as he revealed he did not have the budget to go beyond the first half of the season. At this point he still had the backing of the Ferrari Driver Academy, although that wasn’t financial, and oil company Shell. Neither will be with him this year. Petecof extended his lead over the next two rounds, where he brought his season win tally up to its final total of four, then found new backers in late September that secured his Prema seat for the remaining events. While FREC raced until December, the FIA Formula 3 Championship had already wrapped up and was moving onto post-season tests. Petecof’s rivals found test berths there, with many 2021 line-ups then settled before the FREC finale, but he couldn’t even afford to look. Obviously the pressure didn’t ease on Petecof, as his title fight with fellow Ferrari junior Leclerc ramped up and Prema’s pace advantage in the series started to break. It came down to the final race at a wet Vallelunga, where Petecof was crowned after finishing fifth while Leclerc spun out. Petecof picks up the story from there. “So, championship finished. Happily we took the title home, and that was crucial for anything to happen in 2021 because of the financial problems going on during the season, even when I was still leading the championship,” he tells Formula Scout. “At the peak of the situation, everything was going on quickly and we had to delay everything for 2021 for after the season because we didn’t actually know if we were going to have any backing at all. Even if we were going to be part of FDA or not. “So we won the title, and from there we started with the negotiations. All over the place.” The first place to look was FIA F3, and a FREC team headed for new ownership then approached Petecof over the winter. At this point finding a seat in a higher category still looked slim with his limited funding, and then this month began with the news that Petecof would not be a Ferrari junior for 2021. At the same time though, his European racing career had been saved. “After a couple of offers and counter-offers, I accepted me and FDA split, and then after that the talks with Campos Racing were already going on for Formula 2. And then the team basically gave me a great chance,” Petecof continues. “They said ‘look, we know how financially difficult it is at the moment, but we would like to make this initial investment and sign you to the team’. They were very flexible giving us time to figure out the other side. Great chance, we had to take it, without thinking twice. And we’re here now.” Sadly, as Petecof went through the processes of joining the team, founder and boss Adrian Campos passed away aged 60. “It was really hard last few weeks. We had a couple of calls with him a couple of days before his passing, and right away it didn’t take long for us to build such a great relationship. He mentioned a lot of times what he did with Fernando Alonso at the beginning of Alonso’s career, when he made the same investment pretty much. “He brought Fernando into the team, gave him a chance, and he made quite clear that the Campos objective has always been to give these unique opportunities to young drivers who need it and drivers who really deserve it. So that meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to know that one of his last wishes was to have me driving for his team. “The first few days working with the team already here in Spain have been great. Everybody is quite motivated to honour him on track and do the best we can.” Campos launched the car racing careers of Alex Palou and David Vidales in recent years in addition to famed protege Alonso. While some may discredit a team that requires additional investment to fight at the front for bringing in two drivers on limited budgets, it’s a brave choice if anything and one that Petecof and team-mate Ralph Boschung (pictured above) will be looking to honour. Petecof’s first mileage in the Dallara F2 2018 will come in the Bahrain pre-season test on March 9-11, and his series debut will be at the same circuit two weeks later. There’s hopes that he will be able to sample an old GP2 car before then to help him acclimatise to high-downforce machinery, with his leap to F2 being the biggest in the series since Artem Markelov came from German F3 in 2014. He will be engineered by the returning Jose Fontestad, who worked for Campos in Spanish F3 in the late 2000s before becoming a GP2/F2 race engineer at DAMS, working with Pierre Gasly and Oliver Rowland, and then Arden and HWA Racelab. Fontestad’s experience will be crucial not only in Petecof’s results but in Campos’s 2021 engineering direction. “I think two key sentences that I’ve been keeping with myself in this change is number one: opportunities are there to be taken. If you don’t grab what’s given to you, especially talking about something so fantastic given the situation that we were in, it would have been crazy,” Petecof adds. “If somebody asks me ‘what offers did you have?’ and I said ‘F2, turned it down’, it sounds even crazier than going from Regional F2 to F2. And also things are difficult, that’s no excuse. You can make your way around it. “Things will be difficult no matter where you go, where you are, in this sport. You can be in the best team possible with the most budget, with the most experience in any given category, and it will still be difficult to some degree if you want to achieve wins and a title. Like I figured out in the last couple of seasons. “I’m just excited for it. It is going to be a big leap, but I’m completely ready for it. I don’t see why I cannot adapt, and I cannot arrive to the races this year and deliver us some good results. And the main key that I’m keeping with myself, and the main goal is just surprising people. Like maybe I did already by simply announcing that I’m doing F2, but of course on track I’m not there to just take part, I’m there to achieve something and to bring the team to where it belongs.” It arguably would have been an even bigger surprise had the 18-year-old stayed on in FREC, given the reigning champion of FIA-certified junior single-seater series are normally barred from returning. But with FREC taking on a new look and adopting Renault engines this year, the organising team seemed to be as accommodating as Campos was with Petecof’s desire to stay in Europe. “I received an offer about a project in FREC,” admits Petecof. “I could have added something to the team, it was a great offer, great people, which I’m also really thankful for them. When you see these kinds of offers, with people that trust in you and give you this trust in helping them in some kind of way and representing the project. It was also one of our real possibilities. “Something that if we didn’t find anything in F3 or F2, could have been a reality as well. “I was quite excited to get to that different mentality. You know, a new environment where I wasn’t coming in as a paying driver. It’s just a [different] step, I would have been the current champion and helping the team move forward, more of a job. “It was spoken with the organisation of the championship, and it was agreed if in fact the opportunity was coming to reality, I would have been allowed to participate again. “We had a very blind view of the future about any possible chances, and even though this year it didn’t come to fruition, nothing stops us from collaborating in the future on maybe a different category or even as some involvement with the team.” A return to America, where Petecof lived before earning his place in the FDA in 2017 and going to Europe to compete in Italian Formula 4, was a back-up plan that wasn’t needed after the offers in FREC (understood to be with M2 Competition) and then F2. He’s now based in Spain until pre-season testing, working with Campos and learning the F2 car in the team’s simulator. “I think now a lot has changed in the terms of my career strategy. Not being a part of Ferrari anymore, of course it opens up some things now that we are not linked to anyone officially. We can explore new opportunities that may come in the future, but for now I’m just really excited and looking forward to start the work with Campos. “For sure our plan was to anticipate things a bit more, which was impossible, but everything happened for a reason and really grateful for the opportunity that appeared, and I’m not sure if I would have had this such a nice opportunity if things had gone a different way.” https://formulascout.com/the-story-behind-petecofs-surprise-f2-chance/75142
  5. Campeonato de corrida de monolugares de Fórmula 3 com vários eventos realizado em toda a Europa. O campeonato contará com uma mistura de pilotos profissionais e amadores, competindo em carros de Fórmula 3 que obedecerão aos regulamentos de Fórmula 3 da FIA para o campeonato. Esta será a terceira temporada do campeonato e a primeira após a fusão com a Fórmula Renault Eurocup que resultou na mudança do fornecedor do motor para a Alpine. A temporada terá início em 25 de abril no Circuito de Spa-Francorchamps e terminará em 18 de outubro no Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, após dez rodadas. Round Circuit Date Supporting 1 R1 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot 24 April Creventic weekend R2 25 April 2 R1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló 8 May Spanish Grand Prix R2 9 May 3 R1 Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo 22 May Monaco Grand Prix R2 23 May 4 R1 Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet 29 May GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup R2 30 May 5 R1 Circuit Zandvoort, Zandvoort 19 June GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup R2 20 June 6 R1 Imola Circuit, Imola 24 July Main event R2 25 July 7 R1 Nürburgring, Nürburg 7 August ADAC GT Masters R2 8 August 8 R1 Red Bull Ring, Spielberg 11 September International GT Open R2 12 September 9 R1 Mugello Circuit, Scarperia e San Piero 9 October Main event R2 10 October 10 R1 Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, Monza 30 October Main event R2 31 October Pilotos Teams No. Driver Status Arden Motorsport TBA William Alatalo[2] TBA Nicola Marinangeli[3] TBA Alex Quinn[4] ART Grand Prix TBA Gabriele Minì[5] R TBA Grégoire Saucy[6] TBA Thomas ten Brinke[7] R Bhaitech Racing TBA TBA DR Formula RP Motorsport TBA Brad Benavides TBA Gabriel Bortoleto R TBA Emidio Pesce FA Racing TBA TBA JD Motorsport TBA Eduardo Barrichello[8] R TBA Tommy Smith[9] R KIC Motorsport TBA Nico Göhler[10] TBA Patrik Pasma[11] Monolite Racing-AS Motorsport TBA TBA MP Motorsport TBA TBA M2 Competition TBA TBA Prema Powerteam TBA Paul Aron[12] TBA Dino Beganovic[13] R TBA David Vidales[14] R-ace GP TBA Lena Bühler[15] R F TBA Hadrien David[16] TBA Isack Hadjar[17] R TBA Zane Maloney[18] R Van Amersfoort Racing TBA Lorenzo Fluxá[19] R TBA Francesco Pizzi[20] R Icon Status R Rookie F Female[N 1] G Guest drivers ineligible for points * As equipes podem ter no máximo de três carros, mas podem ter um quarto carro se houver uma piloto feminina em sua equipe.
  6. Mais um brasileiro na F2 Campos sign Formula Regional European Champion Petecof for 2021 Campos Racing have signed Formula Regional European champion Gianluca Petecof for the 2020 Formula 2 campaign, announcing that the Brazilian racer will partner Ralph Boschung at the Spanish side. The 18-year-old scored five poles, four wins and 14 podiums on his route to the title, prompting Campos to promote him directly into F2. He’ll make his debut for them in the pre-season tests at Bahrain in March. “It is an honour to know that one of the great Adrian's last wishes was to have me in a Campos car and it motivates me in a special way more than ever before,” said Petecof. “Campos Racing has a winning culture and giving unique opportunities to young drivers is in the team's DNA. I cannot wait to start working with them and prove ourselves once again.” Petecof graduated to single-seaters in 2018, competing in Italian and ADAC Formula 4, scoring a win and seven podiums across the two Championships. The 18-year-old then went on to win Italian F4 in the following season, adding a further four wins and eight podiums, while he finished fifth in ADAC F4. Sporting Director Adrián Campos Jr. added: “I am sure that I speak on behalf of the entire team if I say that we are very excited to complete our Formula 2 driver line up with such a professional driver and so much hunger for victory like Gianluca. “He has made a very important step of category and will have hard work ahead, but don’t forget that he is the current champion of the Formula Regional so we all have a lot of confidence and enthusiasm in the results that both Gianluca and Ralph can achieve in this 2021 season. “This is an agreement that my father did not have the opportunity to complete before he passed away, but we know that completing the F2 line up with Gianluca was his wish and we have fought very hard to make it happen. I want to welcome him on behalf of Campos Racing and wish him the best of luck in this 2021 season.” https://www.fiaformula2.com/Latest/5eg4HDqSn4VJLSf1b4A13Z/campos-sign-formula-regional-european-champion-petecof-for-2021
  7. Gianluca Petecof pula F-3 e vai disputar F-2 pela Campos Racing Gianluca Petecof não só conseguiu chegar às categorias diretas de acesso à F-1 como saltou uma etapa. O paulista, campeão da F-Regional European, prometeu revelar seu destino nesta segunda-feira (8), com direito a surpresa. Em vez de disputar a F-3 FIA, vai andar na F-2, com um dos carros da Campos Racing, criada pelo recentemente falecido Adrian Campos. “Foi uma honra saber que Adrian desejava que eu estivesse num de seus carros, e isso me motiva ainda mais. Trata-se de um time com cultura vencedora e acostumado a dar chances aos jovens pilotos. Não vejo a hora de trabalharmos juntos”, comentou o piloto de 18 anos, que deixou recentemente a Ferrari Driver Academy. Novo responsável pelo time em lugar do pai, Adrian Campos Jr. disse ter cumprido a vontade paterna ao fechar o acordo. “Ter Gianluca conosco era seu desejo e lutamos muito para que isso acontecesse”. Petecof pilotará o Dallara-Mecachrome #20 e terá como parceiro o experiente suíço Ralph Boschung, bom parâmetro para sua evolução na categoria. O outro brasileiro confirmado é Felipe Drugovich, com o #4 da UNI-Virtuosi. https://racemotor.com.br/2021/02/08/gianluca-petecof-pula-f-3-e-vai-disputar-f-2-pela-campos-racing/
  8. Enzo Fittipaldi troca a F3 FIA pela Indy Pro 2000 na Andretti RP Mudança de rumos na carreira de Enzo Fittipaldi. Fora da Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA), o irmão mais novo de Pietro aposta no programa ‘Road to Indy’. E vai disputar a temporada na categoria que é a equivalente norte-americana da F3 FIA, em que estava: a Indy Pro 2000. Defenderá o time Andretti RP – parceria entre a Andretti Autosport e a RP, equipe italiana também presente nos Estados Unidos. Uma escolha de certo modo inusitada, já que o campeão da F-4 italiana em 2018 (e vice da F-Regional em 2019) diz manter a F-1 como foco. A temporada de estreia na F-3, com a HWA, foi marcada pela 15ª posição final e um quinto lugar na última etapa como melhor resultado. “Estou muito feliz em anunciar minha ida aos Estados Unidos em um campeonato tão competitivo como a Indy Pro 2000. Mas quero deixar claro que ainda sonho com a Formula 1. Vou continuar trabalhando duro todos os dias para isso e os títulos que conquistei nestes últimos anos no automobilismo europeu me credenciam para que o sonho da F-1 permaneça vivo”. https://racemotor.com.br/2021/02/08/enzo-fittipaldi-troca-a-f3-fia-pela-indy-pro-2000-na-andretti-rp/
  9. Fora da Academia da Ferrari, Petecof promete novo começo e “surpreender algumas pessoas” Em entrevista exclusiva ao GRANDE PRÊMIO, Gianluca Petecof falou sobre o caminho que se desenha na sua carreira depois da saída da Academia de Pilotos da Ferrari, anunciada nesta semana. O brasileiro de 18 anos deixa claro que vem aí um novo e impactante ciclo na sua carreira nas pistas Os últimos meses geraram nos fãs preocupação sobre o futuro da carreira de Gianluca Petecof. O brasileiro de 18 anos completados em 14 de novembro, campeão da Fórmula Regional Europeia na temporada passada, lutou ao longo de 2020 para manter sua trajetória nas pistas depois de perder o importante apoio da Shell, que o acompanhava desde 2015. Conseguiu de última hora o apoio de duas empresas nacionais, Matrix Energia e AméricaNet, que proporcionaram ao paulista a chance de completar a temporada, vencer quatro corridas, obter 14 pódios, cinco poles e conquistar o título que o permitiu alcançar os 40 pontos necessários para obter a superlicença, documento que permite a um competidor correr na Fórmula 1. Mas, desde então, Gianluca viu a Prema e a Academia da Ferrari optarem por Arthur Leclerc, seu adversário ao longo da última temporada na Fórmula Regional, para um lugar na equipe no grid da F3 na temporada. E no primeiro dia de fevereiro, Petecof anunciou a saída da Academia de Pilotos da Ferrari, programa do qual fazia parte desde o fim de 2017. Parecia o fim, mas na verdade a saída de Maranello representa a chance de um novo começo na carreira do jovem piloto brasileiro. Em entrevista exclusiva ao GRANDE PRÊMIO, Petecof dá pistas do que está por vir na carreira e deixa claro: um novo horizonte está pronto para ser percorrido a partir de 2021 nas pistas. Acho que, durante o tempo lá [em Maranello], o que mais pude tirar foi muito conhecimento, muita experiência, e crescer bastante. Acho que cresci muito, tanto dentro como fora da pista, e desejo colocar em prática tudo o que trouxe comigo dentro da Academia. Claro que é sempre bom ter um novo começo, e espero passar isso de novo, momentos bons, trazendo memórias boas nessa nova aventura, e surpreender algumas pessoas”, disse. “Depois de tudo o que aconteceu nos últimos dias, nas últimas semanas, vindo de uma das melhores temporadas da minha carreira, está na hora de surpreender algumas pessoas”, enfatizou o piloto. Em que pese as dificuldades vividas ao longo de boa parte de 2020 e do começo de 2021, Petecof afirma que não há espaço para mágoa com ninguém sobre o que se passou. “Não, nenhuma mágoa. Acho que tudo foi feito de uma forma bem organizada e por uma certa razão. Acho que depois que o campeonato terminou, claro que as coisas aconteceram muito em cima da hora por conta do quão tarde a temporada terminou. Então, acho que só por esse começo novo, claro que você tem mais motivação”, explicou. “Às vezes, quando as portas se fecham, isso te dá mais motivação para entregar justamente dentro das oportunidades e dentro de novas portas que se abrem. É mais uma motivação pessoal, mesmo, nada com nenhuma outra pessoa”, garantiu. Entre a luta para buscar novos patrocínios, tentar salvar sua permanência na F-Regional Europeia e a própria carreira, lidar com as armadilhas dos bastidores extrapista e também os embates com Arthur Leclerc e Oliver Rasmussen, seus companheiros de equipe na Prema no ano passado, Petecof tem a sensação de que viveu 18 anos em 1. “Sem dúvida, foi um ano muito movimentado. Um ano em que tudo aconteceu. A gente teve, num contexto geral, a pandemia, que atrasou o começo do campeonato em alguns meses, e depois que o campeonato finalmente começou, depois de poucas corridas, a gente teve a notícia de que realmente não teria mais condição de continuar o patrocínio da Shell, também por conta da pandemia e de algumas questões… Então, esse foi um primeiro desafio, uma primeira situação que eu tive de lidar”, recordou. “Cheguei a fazer uma etapa bem no meio, digamos, do ‘tornado’, do furacão que estava acontecendo em torno de mim sobre a questão do patrocínio, justamente a etapa do Red Bull Ring, onde consegui ter uma ótima performance, ganhar duas corridas e consegui aumentar a liderança no campeonato. Depois disso, teve a batalha para achar o patrocínio para fechar o ano. Felizmente, teve a Matrix e a AméricaNet para me dar uma força até o fim do ano. Depois, algumas corridas difíceis, algumas coisas acontecendo, às vezes sem muita explicação, mas procurei deixar a cabeça no lugar e o foco na pista”, salientou. “O fim do campeonato foi muito intenso, principalmente na última etapa, mas felizmente deu tudo certo, consegui vencer o título, que foi essencial para a continuidade da minha carreira. Sabia que, se não vencesse, as oportunidades seriam limitadas e talvez não existissem. Sabia da situação, como a gente viu até agora, uma luta para conseguir achar um lugar para correr no ano que vem, mas acho que vai ter um final feliz”, declarou Petecof, com um sorriso, para concluir. https://www.grandepremio.com.br/outras/noticias/fora-da-academia-da-ferrari-gianluca-petecof-promete-novo-comeco-e-surpreender-algumas-pessoas/amp/
  10. Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup confirm entry list and calendar A revised 2021 calendar has been released alongside a confirmed entry list ahead of their 15th season This season's Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup will now kick-off at the Portuguese Grand Prix as the series continues its longstanding tradition of being part of the first European Grand Prix of the year. From there, the series will have races at Jerez, Mugello, the Sachsenring, the Kymiring, the Red Bull Ring before closing out the year at MotorLand Aragon. Ahead of their 15th season, a packed entry list has also been revealed and it includes a wide range of nationalities. No fewer than 16 different countries from four different continents will be represented making the 2021 Cup one of the most diverse yet. Joining the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for their debut years are Harrison Voight (Australia), Freddie Heinrich (Germany), Jakob Rosenthaler (Austria), Soma Görbe (Hungary), Eddie O'Shea (Great Britain), Cormac Buchanan (New Zealand), Filippo Farioli (Italy), Demis Mihaila (Italy) and Diogo Moreira (Brazil). Meanwhile, some of the leading contenders in the FIM Moto3™ Junior World Championship remain to fight for glory. Spain's Dani Holgado will be one of the favourites, as will Colombia's David Alonso, fresh from a blockbuster 2020 that saw him clinch the European Talent Cup title. Former Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup front-runners, Thailand's Tatchakorn Buasri, Indonesia's Mario Aji and Japan's Sho Nishimura, will all be strong contenders too, as will 2019 British Talent Cup Champion Scott Ogden and the winner of the inaugural Northern Talent Cup, Soma Görbe. All 26 riders will get the chance to acclimatise themselves with their 2020 KTM machines at a three-day pre-season test at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve from the 9th to the 11th of April. https://www.motogp.com/en/news/2021/02/03/red-bull-motogp-rookies-cup-confirm-entry-list-and-calendar/360707
  11. Enzo em segundo e Fraga em 3 na corrida 1 (Vesti em Primeiro. )
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